Philatelic Stamps & Postal History of

"Malaya Postal Union"

Malaya Postal Union
Stock # Scotts # Stanley Gibbons # Type MNH Mint Used Quality Price in U.S. Dollars Special Comments
MPU100 J10 D4 S U F-VF $ 0.35  
MPU101 J13 D7 S U F-VF $ 1.47  
MPU102 J14 D8 S U VF $ 8.40  
MPU103 J18 D12 S U VF $ 26.60  
MPU104 J20 D14 S * F-VF $ 0.35  
MPU105 J21 D15 S U F-VF $ 0.35  
MPU106 J23 D17 S U F-VF $ 0.35  
MPU107 J24 D18 S U VF $ 8.40  
MPU108 J26 D21a S U VF $ 4.90  
MPU109 J27a D21a S U VF $ 21.00  
MPU110 NJ20 JD41 S U VF $ 2.73 Japanese Overprint


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