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Negri Sembilan Postal History

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NEG10C Registered Airmail Cover [Reg. #2654 Kuala Pilah] addressed to Kumaravelur, S. India bearing 25¢ issues of 1957 & 30Sen Federation Issue of 1963 -- CDS 21Jun63 {Kuala Pilah} $ 11.65
NEG11C Airmail Letter to Shanmuganatha Pattanam, S. India bearing 10¢ Crabs & 30¢ Flower Malaysia issues of 1965 -- CDS 10Feb69 {Kuala Pilah} $ 7.65
NEG12C Commercial Air Letter addressed to Shanmuganatha Pattanam, S. India bearing two 20¢ Flower issues of 1965 -- CDS 25Sep67. $ 7.45
NEG13C Commercial Air Letter addressed to Kumara Velur bearing two 5¢ issues of 1957 & one 30¢ Federation Issue of 1957 -- CDS 24Nov62 {Kuala Pilah} $11.65
NEG14C Registered Aerogramme Air Letter Sheet {Reg. #3141 Tampin} addressed to Kottayiur, S. India bearing 5¢ & 50¢ issues of 1949 -- CDS 16Jun55 {Tampin} $23.85

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