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All this information must be completed to order stamps. All information will remain confidential and is for my use only.


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I must have your E-mail address to send you replies and verify your order. Some items are "one of a kind" items - so do not send money until you get an e-mail message back. If you are using a friends computer, tell me and I will send reply via U.S.Mails to your address below.

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If ordering using Visa or Mastercard -- Please send Card Information via regular mail or "two" E-Mails having partial info in each. See "How to Order" for more details.

Here is how to fill out order form:

Type in the Stock #, Brief Description of item and the cost each in the boxes provided. Be careful to type the correct "Stock Order" letters and numbers. Check you entries twice before submitting your order. To correct - just use your mouse and place the cursor in the box that needs correcting. Use the backspace key to erase and then retype correct letter or number. Don't be afraid to make mistakes -- that's how you learn. You play, play, play with a computer until you get it right.

Okay, here we go -- type the first Stock Number in the #1 line on the order form below. Fill in a brief description in the 2nd box and the dollar cost each in the 3rd box. That all there is to it. For more than one item, go to #2 line for next item to be ordered.and repeat steps above.

Do not send money until after I send you a message back confirming your order and total amount due. You can always adjust your order accordingly.

Finally, if you need more spaces than provided -- send two or more order forms (fully completed with name and addresses) or just e-mail or mail me a list of items you want to: Oceania Philatelic Galleries, P.O. Box 4511, Ventura, CA 93007-0511, U.S.A.. Whatever is easiest for you.

"Order Form"

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Total Cost of Stamps/Collections Ordered = = = = = = = = = = >>>>>>

Any Comments or Special Instructions ??

Shipping and Handling (at exact cost) and Sales Tax, if you live in California, will be added to the cost of your order. This why I will send you back a message confirming your order and total cost. Mailing costs vary widely according to weight of package and your home address.

Remember -- descriptions of each item ordered can be as simple as: Name of Country & Catalog #

Keep it brief !!

Check and be sure everything is the way you want it. Please re-enter your E-mail address here: (if no e-mail address -- re-enter your Street or P.O. Box address.) It is the only way I can get back to you.

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