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How Covers are Rated

History of Tin Can Island Covers

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Rating System for Tin Can Mail Covers

The Tin Can Mail Study Circle published a definitive "Catalog of Tin Can Mail Cachets" in 1985. It was written by Janet Klug, a longtime specialist in Tin Can Mail Covers and is considered the bible for identifying these marvelous covers. They are rated by rareity of the handstamps affixed by the following rating system:

AA Very Common
A Common
B Less Common
C Reasonably Scarce
D Rare
E Very Rare

You may obtain a copy of this invaluable reference book from the Tin Can Study Circle by writing to:

Janet Klug

R.R. #1, Box 370B

Pleasant Plain, NY 45162


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History of Tin Can Island & Origin of Covers

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