Early USA Postal History

Stock # Description of Cover Click on Image for Full view Net Price
USCV20 18?? Stampless Cover Semi-circular "PAID 3 -- CDS 20Mar?? Dedham, Mass. -- Nice example of local Postmaster Provisional on Embossed Envelope [torn flap on reverse but does not detract] Addressed to Foxborough, Mass. $35.20
USCV21 1880 Cover bearing 1¢ Blue Franklin of 1873 [SC156] -- Letter Dated {not included} 3Sep1880 -- addressed to Danvers, Mass. -- Toned perforations but still a nice example of this issue on cover. $15.40
USCV22 1878 Cover bearing Pair of 3¢ Green of 1870 [SC147] -- CDS 13Dec1878 -- addressed to Auburn Place, Mass. -- Double Cancel does not touch stamps. Nice clean cover. $9.65
USCV22 1894 -- cover bearing 1¢ Blue Franklin issue of 1887 (SC212) -- CDS 20Oct1894 -- Minneapolis, Minn -- addressed to Plainfield, Mass. Beautiful, clean cover with clear CDS cancel. $16.10
USCV23 1885? Cover bearing Pair of 2¢ Red Brown issue of 1883 [SC210] -- addressed to Plainsfield, Mass. -- Triangular Bar Cancel. Nice clean cover. $8.70
USCV24 1938 - Airmail Cover bearing 6¢ Orange issue of 1934 [C19] -- CDS 11Oct38 Corpus Christi, TX to Los Angeles, CA -- Nice clean cover. $4.80
USCV25 1938 - Airmail Cover bearing 6¢ Orange issue of 1934 [C19] -- CDS 3Oct38 Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA -- Nice clean cover. $4.80
USCV26 1942 -- Cacheted Cover honoring opening of "Will Rogers Station, Santa Anna, CA -- CDS 2Mar42 -- Santa Monica, CA -- Addressed to Los angeles, CA bearing Torch issue of 1940 {SC901] $5.50
USCV27 1948 -- Cacheted Cover honoring Sesquicentennial of US Navy Department -- CDS 30Mar48 -- Washington, DC -- Addressed to Los angeles, CA bearing Navy issue of 1945 {SC935] $4.20
USCV28 1949 -- Cacheted Cover "Greeting from Santa Land" -- CDS 19Dec49 -- Fairbanks, Alaska -- Addressed to Hollywood, CA bearing 6¢ Airmail issue C25. Includes letter from Santa Claus. $3.70
USCV29 1931 - Special Delivery Cover bearing six 2¢ Carmine issues of 1919 [SC499?] -- CDS 9May31 Liberty, Kansas to Liberty, Kansas then forwarded via Rock Island Railroad Car {RPO 9May31} to Manhattan, Kansas [Capital of Kansas] -- Interesting clean cover. $12.40

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