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USPP1 1922 -- Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco, CA -- CDS 30Aug22 addressed to Port Huron, Michigan franked with 1¢ Washington SC405? $9.85
USPP2 1935 -- Seattle, Washington looking North -- CDS 3Sep35 addressed to Los Angeles, CA franked with 2¢ Washington SC554 $6.75
USPP3 1948 -- Port Huron, Michigan -- CDS 5Feb48 addressed to North Hollywood, CA franked with 1¼¢ Martha Washington SC805 $5.85
USPP4 1921 -- The Allen, Delaware, Ohio -- CDS 28May21 addressed to Port Huron, Michigan franked with 1¢ "Mayflower" SC548 $5.80
USPP5 1942 - Handpainted Postcard on "Genuine Yucca Wood" franked with Scott© 899 -- CDS 2Sep42. Beautiful Handpainted Postcard -- Unique. $9.95
SOLD 1921 - Picture Postcard of "USS Yantic" franked with Scott© 548 -- CDS 27Jun21. Beautiful Picture Postcard. SOLD @ $9.95
SOLD 1935 - Picture Postcard of "Mt. Sexton Camp" franked with Scott© 552 -- CDS 29Aug35. Beautiful Picture Postcard. SOLD @ $6.95
USPP8 1955 - Picture Postcard of "Ship Cafe" Venice, California franked with Scott© 552 -- CDS 17Aug55. Nice Picture Postcard. $3.85

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