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LIT151 World "Inverted Centers -- Stamps of the World Catalog" by Martin Sellinger 1993 -- Checklist and Guide to Value for the many famous inverted center stamps of the world. Great resourse book with reasonable pricing for these most valuable stamps. $19.85
LIT152 Scott's -- 1962 World "1962 Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalog -- Volumes I & II" -- the world including USA. Only two volumes were necessary back in 1962. Great reference as to what stamp values were back in 1962. You may weep a little with seeing prices back in 1962!! Perfect condition -- hard-bound volumes. $15.00
LIT153 Scott's -- 1957 USA "1957 Scott Specialized Catalog of United States" -- one hard-bound volume in perfect condition. You will weep a little when you compare these catalog values with today's prices . $7.50
LIT155 Australia "Australian Commemorative and Airmail Stamps -- 1927-1951" -- Published by Australian Post -- (no date of publishing) -- written & pictorial narrative of Australian Stamps issued during this period -- very informative with pictures of all stamps and narrative concerning background of each issue. Paper-back, 44 pages -- 5 3/4"W x 8 3/4"H -- excellent condition -- Post Office fresh. $7.50
LIT156 Christmas Island "Christmas Island and It's Postal History" -- published by "The Pacific Islands Circle of the Royal Sydney {Philatelic Club" -- 1953 -- Limited addition -- only 300 copies printed. Narrative about design & productions of local stamps, History and Americana Postal Cancellations. Unique and Rare Publication. Paper-back, 24 pages, 7 1/4"W x 9 1/2"H -- excellent condition -- $27.00
LIT145 Stamp Collecting -- Generel A New Approach to Stamp Collecting -- by Armstrong & Harrison -- an interesting hardbound novel about stamp collecting -- 188 pages -- 1954 -- Printed in Great Britain -- good condition. $7.50
LIT166 Tonga "The Stamps of Tonga -- 1886-1924" -- by Rosenblum -- a complete study of the early issues of Tonga. A must for the specialist. Spiral bound with 72 pages. Perfect condition!! $17.00
LIT168 Australia 99 --- Auction Catalog "Australia 99 Auction Catalog" with prices realized -- Stanley Gibbons Australia. A valuable reference for establishing costs for recently auctioned merchandise from British Oceania & the World. Premium material throughout -- 18 March 1999. Excellent condition with only a few marks on the lots I attempted to obtain. $15.00

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