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The Seychelles islands were first charted by the Portuguese as early as 1505, although Arab traders may have visited them previously. In 1742 the French took possession, and French settlement began during the 1770s. The islands officially passed into British hands by the Treaty of Paris in 1814. Under both the French and the British, the islands were regarded as a dependency of Mauritius, an island located about 1,800 km (1,100 mi) to the southwest. In 1903, Seychelles became a separate British crown colony. Pressure for independence began in the 1970s and led to the Seychelles' becoming an independent republic on June 29, 1976.

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Note: Scott's® and Stanley Gibbons® Numbers are very different for Seychelles, especially on earlier issues. Catalog Numbers for both are provided on these lists for your convenience.

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Stock # Country Scotts # Stanley Gibbons # Type MNH,Mint Used Price in US$'s
SY5073 Seychelles 195-7 193-5 Blks/4 */U $ 19.65

General Description:

Beautiful, handwritten treatise of 1961 "Post Office Centenary" issue of Seychelles. History of establishment of Post Office at Mane', Seychelles on 11 December 1861. Two pages, handwritten annotations with Map of Seychelles, set of mint, plate blocks of 4 and set of double CDS blocks of 4. Exhibition quality study of this issue. Image of 2nd page is provided below.

Click Here for image of Page #2 - Map and CDS Blks/4

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