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"Worldwide Country Packet Collections"

A vast selection of Worldwide Packet Collections made up as requested whenever possible. Packets contain All Different Stamps unless noted otherwise. Prices do not include postage and handling charges which are added at cost.

These packets will contain a majority of pictorial and/or topical stamps whenever possible. I have recently acquired a large amount of topical stamps from the countries available on these lists.

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United States-- Worldwide

If you do not find the country you desire, please E-mail me. More than likely, I will have some, if not many, of the stamps from the country of your choice.

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Worldwide Packets

Stock # # of All Different Stamps in Packet Price in US Dollars
WP250 250 $4.40
WP500 500 $8.90
WP1000 1,000 $16.90
WP2000 2,000 $39.40
WP3000 3,000 $54.30
WP500P 500 Pictorials only $19.50
WP1000P 1,000 Pictorials only $35.50

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